Unique formula

Masena hair color delivers long- lasting color while offering great gray coverage and deeply nourishing your hair. This is possible thanks to the unique and innovative formula of this hair product.

  • Include

    Masena combines powerful colorants with essential oils. The mix is easy to apply on the hair and covers it greatly. The colorants work to deliver great coverage and great hair color while the oils help nourish and protect the hair during the coloring process.

  • Big range of colors

    Masena comes in more than 24 different shades so you can easily choose the best one for you. The range varies from deep blondes to dark. You can choose the color closely to your natural hair or completely change your hair.

Masena benefits :

Great coverage of gray hair

Big range of colors

Easy application

What’s included

You will get a coloring mix, a mixing bottle, a pair of gloves, conditioner and a brush. All elements allow you enjoy the coloring process at home and have fun while transforming your hair .

Oil- rich conditioner

The conditioner included in also enriched with essential oils that help deeply nourish and soften your hair. It contains Macadamia oil and Argan oil that help lock color in place and help deliver great shine.

Great shine

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